Web Technology Institute

Courses in Web Design, including markup languages, design software, and Web graphics.These courses are offered through Austin Community College's Webmaster Certificate Program. You need to register for the class through normal ACC registration. See the website at http://www.austincc.edu/webcert/ for instructions and program information.

Development of basic knowledge of programming concepts and techniques. Using C-Language as a teaching vehicle, this course will expose students to the basic programming concepts they need for further work with programming languages. Prerequisites: End-user familiarity with computers, the Internet.

Introduction to WWW Authoring, HTML and CSS is a foundation class that teaches the basics of Hypertext Markup Language coding and Cascading Style Sheets. The class begins with the history of the Web and a look at how it operates, then goes on to a more technical look at HTML and CSS.

Intermediate Web Authoring, HTML and CSS is the second part of a three part series of classes on the fundamentals of Website Design, HTML and CSS coding. This class introduces more complex HTML structures, including HTML Tables and Forms, and the CSS required to style them.

Advanced WWW Authoring, HTML and CSS is the third in the WWW Authoring series. The class covers new constructs in HTML5 and CSS3, including several HTML5 APIs, CSS3 selectors and media queries. Students also learn how to layout Web pages using the CSS3 Grid system.

An introduction to scripting languages for the Web using Javascript. Javascript is the most popular scripting language for front-end Web Development, and this course covers basic features of the language, including code placement, input/output, events and event handlers, methods, functions, Objects and the Document Object Model.